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Firewall as a Services

Organizations have always been focused on ensuring trade secrets and organizational data is secure from external malicious actors and from insider threats. Network Security is designed to ensure legitimate traffic and users can access the requisite informational resources while malicious traffic or users are blocked at the perimeter itself..

Traditionally organizations have invested in deploying Firewalls to guard their environments. In a traditional approach, organization would deploy multiple firewalls based on Physical, Logical and Architectural requirements. Further to ensure that environments are always protected, firewalls are deployed in High Availability (HA) deployment model and the same further be backed by either a single firewall or a HA pair in Disaster Recovery centre (DR). Deployment model is dictated by technical requirements, risk perception and commercial budgets allocated. Usually, commercial budgets take precedence over the other two factors. Firewall technology and its capability has been growing with multiple technologies of network security getting bundled with basic firewall features in one form or other, resulting shorter replacement timelines.

DigiGlass Firewall as a Service is designed to address these issues described above and some of the key aspects addressed by DigiGlass Firewall as a Service are:

  • Platform designed

    99.5%+ uptime

  • Pre-Defined SLAs

    Incident response-resolution
    & service requests

  • Team Support

    24x7 Support from
    DigiGlass SOC

Key features of Service:

1. Availability Management

2. Performance Management

3. Configuration Management

4. Change Management

5. Security Incident Response & Resolution Management

6. Support focused on:

a. IPS-IDS Signature updates

b. VPN gateway configuration/changes

c. Web Filtering

d. Application Control

e. OEM reports (as applicable)

Key Reports to be periodically shared with customer:

1. Alarm Report Daily

2. Alarm Report Monthly

3. Alarm Report Weekly

4. Events by Data Source Daily

5. Events by Data Source Monthly

6. Events by Data Source Weekly

7. Firewall Events Daily

8. Firewall Events Monthly

9. Firewall Events Weekly

10. IDS-IPS Events Daily

11. IDS-IPS Events Monthly

12. IDS-IPS Events Weekly

13. Top Security Events Daily

14. Top Security Events Monthly

15. Top Security Events Weekly

  • Events by Data Source Weekly

  • Firewall Events Daily

  • Firewall Events Monthly

  • Firewall Events Weekly

  • IDS-IPS Events Daily

DigiGlass SOC are certified for following:

  • Alarm Report Daily

  • Alarm Report Monthly

  • Alarm Report Weekly

  • Events by Data Source Daily

  • Events by Data Source Monthly

  • IDS-IPS Events Monthly

  • IDS-IPS Events Weekly

  • Top Security Events Daily

  • Top Security Events Monthly

  • Top Security Events Weekly