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Brand Protection Services

Digital footprint of organizations has been on the rise and will keep progressing as majority of business paradigms shift from traditional methods to connected economy. Majority of the organizations maintain substantial presence online and are exposed to a variety of visitors ranging from genuine clientele to malicious actors. Along with online presence, gig-economy has mandated organizations to also maintain mobile presence in terms of mobile applications.

Securing presence on publicly accessible resources like surface web, domain name, mobile app and social media presence of top executives of organization is of prime importance. Ignoring malicious or duplicated domains, mobile app or corporate social media accounts can lead to loss in terms of customer confidence, data loss and in some conditions statutory or regulatory action. Being aware of presence of malicious content or legitimate content/data on illegitimate channels can help take corrective actions well within time to avoid any business or customer confidence loss.

DigiGlass Offers Brand Monitoring Services with key activities designed around:

1. Domain Name Monitoring

2. Mobile App Monitoring (to differentiate from duplication perspective)

3. Surface Web Brand Intelligence

4. Executive/VIP account protection

Some of the key activities at different stages of service are depicted below:

1. Detect

DigiGlass solution and team maintain a regular monitoring schedule and write specific scripts on detection engines for any trace of mention or presence of fake/malicious domains, actors, or leaked credentials on surface web. Alerts generated from these inputs are triaged by analysts as first response and unique incidents are curated in a list for further analysis.

2. Analyze

Based on incident information available, analysts derive severity and impact analysis for each incident. Analysts also try for identification of root cause for the incident, this helps in identifying if it is state-backed actor or a malicious actor working on independent volition. Team also submits a report to the customer on identification of such incidents and further plan of action.

3. Mitigate

Mitigation actions are initiated based on analysis to understand the depth of impact and severity to the business. Team initiates action to broadcast URL blacklist across ISPs globally to ensure similar strategy is not attempted from the same source. Further, team tries to bait the attackers with some baiting tactics like credential baits.

4. Legal Enforcement

DigiGlass team maintains legal enforcement capabilities with global ISPs to delist and take down fake websites and applications from various marketplaces. Unique proposition that DigiGlass offers is Unlimited Take Down services.