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Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Identity security started with a premise of known users accessing applications and data in a closed environment with strict perimeter. From those initial days, with advancement in technology and business model shifting to internet-based applications, Identity Security has evolved to cloud-first, access any application from anywhere securely.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions have kept the pace with market requirements and evolved with time to offer capabilities ranging from access to hybrid and multi-cloud environments to federation and identity governance.

Some of the key features of an effective IAM solution are:

1) Compatibility and integration with varied systems

a. Standardized global applications

b. Custom local applications

2) Token based authorization (MFA)

3) Single Sign-On

4) Multiple Identity verification options

5) Identity behavioural analytics

6) Logging and threat management integration capabilities

DigiGlass offers IAM services across multiple solution platforms and focuses on ensuring users in customer environment face minimal resistance in terms of accessing permitted data and applications. Any attempts to access prohibited data and trends around malicious attempts wouldget reported to Security Operations Centre (SOC) and get reported to customer as per pre-defined severity levels.

Key benefits of DigiGlass services:

  • Faster on-boarding of users and target applications

  • Fully managed service to ensure minimal effort from customer team on identity lifecycle management

  • Standard and custom policy deployment

  • Simplified reporting to focus on key challenges and proposed mitigation

  • Well established governance to ensure close communication and issue resolution