Vulnerability Assessment Services

Systems are critical to most businesses especially with business models moving from traditional in-person approach to hyperconnected online models. Most organizations maintain online presence through websites, marketing campaigns and customer facing portals.

Focus of organizations is to simplify information consumption and communication with their end customers. In this endeavour, organizations might overlook few risks, which might hit them in an unsuspected way. Systems might not be hardened, or requisite security controls might not be in place for systems to fend off attacks coming in from malicious actors.

Vulnerabilities creep into systems during various stages of design, development, testing, and production. It is important that production systems exposed to customers are continuously checked and tracked for all vulnerabilities that might give access to a malicious actor.

Major vulnerabilities are discovered across:

Application Scan

Detects known vulnerabilites & misconfigurations

Database Scan

Detects access configuration & OWASP listed vulnerabilities

Network Scan

Detects Network configuration & vulnerabilities across wired & wireless networks

Endpoint Scan

Hunt for vulnerabilities across user endpoints and check for patch compliance

DigiGlass methodology for delivering Vulnerability Assessment services: