Automotive Distributor, established in 1983 is a reputed distributor for delivering remarkable experience. It is the sole distributor for some of the top global auto brands as well as high-end prestige brands the company plays a key role in providing transportation solutions to every sector.

Business Needs

  • Solid Incident Response Plan

  • State-of-the-art security software with 24/7 support

  • Continuous threat Tracking and real-time reports of potential breaches

  • Telemetry analysis across endpoint, network, and cloud


  • The current monitoring application showed its age and wasn’t delivering the actionable outputs of threat visibility

  • Change to state-of-the-art security expert team offering 24x7x365 telemetry analysis of the assets with a rapid incident plan


  • DigiGlass MSSP investigates high fidelity alerts in a day from millions of events generated with 24x7 proactive detection and response

  • The MSSP Platform leverages different types of Threat Intelligence feeds for threat hunting and investigation

  • The level of specificity and actionable intelligence from the platform helps the analysts pinpoint and remediate a problem much faster than threat hunting