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Identity Security

The identity landscape can feel like a thousand-piece puzzle, with complex layouts of endpoints, apps, and users. With advances in modern technology, stealing passwords and hacking into networks is easier than ever, which has ended up with critical focus on IAM and the concept of role-based access with least privilege. A hacker can crack a four letter, two-digit password in less than a second. More importantly, identity breach in an organization can enable malicious actors to make quick moves laterally and compromise identities across the organization. Implementation of an Identity and access controls provide visibility and control over key parameters to add an extra layer of security over business’s network.

Identity and access management, or IAM domain devises rules and policies to enable people and entities with digital identities have access to the right resources (applications, OS or data) and giving privileges to end users to authenticate them when they log in, authorize them to access specified resources, and monitor and manage the identities their lifecycle. IAM is responsible to ensure principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability are maintained across the organization.

As the definition of “identity” expands beyond human identity to include devices, robots, and applications, so does the attack surface. The increasing number in the adaptation of distributed cloud systems, BYOD, remote workforce & IoT requires smarter approach to identity and access management by leveraging new technologies in the areas of authentication, authorization, and artificial intelligence with machine learning to address system intrusions and data breach detection.

DigiGlass offers world class Managed Identity Security Services across Identity & Access Management, Privileged Identity & Access management and aspects of identity management across on-premises, private and public cloud presence. The cloud-based fully managed service provides interface for organizations, employees, customers and partners to access identities securely ensuring the basic tenets of security are met and data integrity of individual organization is assured.