Organisations these days are facing increasing challenges in maintaining their IT security landscape. With increased complexity, multi modal deployments and distributed workforce, managing the security posture of the organisation is becoming difficult. One of the critical areas of concern is the management of access to Privileged accounts. While the access needs to be provided to multiple superusers to enable business processes and cannot be restricted based on standard rule sets, it is still important to introduce proper controls and manage the access to these accounts. Privilege accounts represent the largest security vulnerability an organisation faces today. When employed properly, privileged accounts are used to maintain systems, facilitate automated processes, safeguard sensitive information, and ensure business continuity. But in the wrong hands, these accounts can be used to steal sensitive data and cause irreparable damage.

Privileged access is exploited in nearly every cyber-attack; to disable security systems, to take control of critical IT infrastructure, and to gain access to confidential business data and personal information. In today’s organisation, Privileged Access is a much broader topic than simply vaulting credentials and expands to, as an example; securing automated processes, controlling remote user access and supporting digital transformation strategies.

DigiGlass Managed Privileged Access management Service is specifically designed to address the Privileged Identity Security need of the customer. This service allows you to:

Safeguard the privileged credentials

Dual Factor Authentication to access any privileged data or system, Secure vault.,

Provision Granular access Controls

Provide access based on need, restrict certain commands that may compromise security, time-based access controls.,

Have 360-degree view on Privileged Accounts

Monitor privileged activities and preserve logs

Integrate and Monitor

Integrate with various operating systems, databases, Network devices and applications

Solution Overview

DigiGlass presents managed PAM platform (powered by CyberArk), a single platform for protecting, controlling, and monitoring privileged access across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures. Designed from the ground up for security, the CyberArk solution helps organisations manage privileged account credentials and access rights efficiently. Proactive monitoring and control of privileged account activity enables intelligent identification of suspicious activity, for rapid response to threats.

Key features of Digi Glass’s PAM Platform are:

Account Discovery

Discover all accounts (privileged and non-privileged) from Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac identifying Golden Ticket risk, SSH keys, Password hashes and password length etc.

Remote, VPN less Access

SaaS solution that combines Zero Trust access, biometric multi-factor authentication, just-in-time provisioning and visibility into remote vendor activites.

Session Isolation, Recording & Credential Managements

secure, control and monitor privileged access to network devices by using Vaulting technology to manage privileged accounts and create detailed session audits and video recordings of all IT administrator privileged sessions on remote machines

Remediate Anomalous Actions

Real-time activity to the baseline to identify unusual user behavior and system activity indicative of an attack including suspected credential theft, lateral movement, and privilege escalation.

Multi-Factor Authentication

SaaS based MFA solution can be used to enforce additional step up authentication when connecting to the PAM setup or to supported devices.

Single Sign-On

Saas based Single Sign-On solution to allows consumers to log in to multiple independent applications with a single set of credentials.

Sample Solution Architecture

Centralized Architecture, with all the critical assets accessed through the DigiGlass PAM platform.

Digiglass Service Features