Device Management Overview

With increased threat landscape and complexity in maintaining the cybersecurity posture, organisations these days need to procure and implement a wide variety of tools to cater to bolster their security posture. Adding to these complexities are the limitations on available investments to spend on the security tools and limited skills and resources to manage these tools.

Managing security devices requires a specific and specialized skill set that needs constant attention, maintenance and training. Keeping the solutions updated while monitoring them 24/7 is a challenge for all organizations. Furthermore, Secure configuration and management of security devices is essential in protecting critical assets and meeting a lot of compliance regulations.

Security devices/ solutions must be properly provisioned, configured, updated and patched to protect against internal and external threats. Also, a lot of regulations including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX etc., mandate proper management of security devices.

Additionally, maintaining experienced and certified resources can be difficult and expensive. Proving to organizational stakeholders that your devices adhere to vendor and industry best practice is essential; as is demonstrating that change management processes are followed and documented, and that regulatory compliance has been achieved. Our Security Device Management Services reduce that burden for you. Our Services follow industry best practice and ensure that security devices are available, updated and patched.

With our Device management services drive operational excellence and maximize your existing technology investments. As part of our services, we will take care of the below functions to properly manage your security devices:

  • Availability management

  • Change Management

  • Patch management1

  • Hardening

  • Firmware upgrade ( n-1 version )

Our ISO 27001 certified Security Operation Centre provide 24/7 support from our expert analysts: