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Business Needs

  • Round the clock security

  • Threat Hunting capability Detect Data Exfiltration and Data Theft

  • Comply with regulatory requirements on log retention

  • Risk based scoring of alerts. Effective incident management


  • The organisation needed ability to detect and respond to advanced threats to protect sensitive company information since they handles confidential customer data

  • Need to protect intellectual property against internal and external compromise and misuse, and secure cloud workload and monitor cloud security


  • DigiGlass MSSP provided a flexible platform using machine learning-driven technology in addition to an able team to detect and respond to advanced insider /cyber threats

  • DigiGlass monitors the on-premises and cloud logs from data sources of Microsoft Azure and AWS, Windows Active Directory, firewalls, and endpoints

  • The 24x7 proactive detection provided full visibility into cloud infrastructure and apps to overcome initial challenges to detect threats internal or external