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Network Security

Connectivity is one of the most basic expectations in today’s times. With advent of cloud computing, traditional boundaries of organizational network boundaries got extended. In addition to that, during the pandemic the differentiation of an employee working from within an organization’s network or outside has blurred. Work from Home and other initiatives taken up by corporates for all possible roles within the organization made it even more difficult for security teams to define the perimeter.

Earlier in the day entry points to network were limited and, in most cases, confined to specific ports for communication. Advancement of network technologies and service architectures has pushed much more to perimeter making definition of perimeter more comprehensive than just network ports.

While new technologies converge many solutions, considered traditionally to be standalone, in a single package, base requirements of organizations to protect their crown jewels in terms of organizational data, business critical documents and compliance obligations has kept the pace in evolution. Organizations may choose to transform their perimeter security as they adopt newer solutions, the core of perimeter security around solutions like Firewalls, Web Application Firewalls, Secure Web Gateways, Anti-DDoS solutions remain in focus.

DigiGlass offers managed security services for core solutions like Firewall and Web Application Firewalls considering the various advancements both these platforms have to offer across deployment models in terms of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. DigiGlass also supports solutions categorized under Network Security focusing on layered approach like DNS Security, Network Access Control, Secure Web Gateway, Virtual Private Network, SASE, Anti-DDoS and other aligned services.