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    Next-Gen SIEM

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    Threat Management

Key Highlights

Organizations worldwide are under constant threats. Prying eyes below black hats are glued to monitors. Their fingers are slamming keyboards and hitting mouse buttons; desperately in the pursuit of that one little crack! Do you know what happens when they find one? Malware, intrusion, data theft, sophisticated threats like Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), Zero Day, Denial of Service (DoS) and targeted attacks like spear phishing and these are just few of them! Their intentions can be many- to steal, to spy, to disrupt or to have some fun but the common fact is that they spare none. They not only jeopardize the target’s day to day operations but in some cases, even put sensitive information at stake.

This is where we come in- we are not just another blip on the radar of Information Security, we practice a consumer-oriented approach. With us, you are not just provided with a solution, we create a solution that is co-created with you. Discussions for understanding current status, direct and indirect pain points followed by a composed explanation of possibilities together creates an information security solution that is just perfect for you; both efficiently crafted and economically deployed. Add to that the variety of solutions we offer, and you will realize that we don’t just deal with the threats, we make sure that a majority of them don’t arise in the first place.

We have solutions that cater to common threats across verticals and can be tuned to address vertical specific challenges, we have something which serves your needs and an assurance that you’ll never need to look back again.

DigiGlass Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a combination of solutions and services that provide active near-real time threat monitoring & management of the services that are needed for an active cybersecurity program and was born to address the increasingly sophisticated needs of medium-sized businesses.

Our Cyber Security Services are being diversified across below key pillars:


1. Next Gen SIEM with UEBA and SOAR on cloud & On Prem with Al/ML and or XDR

2. Brand Monitoring with Deep and Dark web monitoring

3. Threat Intel , Forensic

4. Threat Hunting

5. Red Teaming


1. Firewall as a Service including IPS/IDS

2. Web Application firewall as a Service

3. DDoS as a Service

4. Zero Trust Network Access as a Service

5. Patch management as a Service


1. Availability management

2. Change Management

3. Patch management

4. Hardening

5. Firmware upgrade (n-1 version)


1. Account Discovery

2. Session isolation & recording and credential management

3. Remote, VPN less access

4. Remediate anomalous action

5. Multifactor Authentication

6. Single-Sign On


1. Vulnerability assessment and
Penetration testing

2. Network, Security, Wireless devices VAP

3. Mobile app testing for both iOS and Android

4. Secure Code Review


1. Compliance Audit

2. Vertical specific Compliance framework

3. Gap Analysis

4. Data Classification

Solution overview

DigiGlass presents Nex-Gen managedSIEM platform (powered by Securonix), that empowers Analytics-Driven Approach to Threat Detection and Response. Platform collects massive volumes of data in real-time, uses patented machine learning algorithms to detect advanced threats, and provides artificial intelligence-based security incident response capabilities for fast remediation. Platform gives security teams profound visibility, detection, and response at cloud scale and integrates seamlessly with all the data sources, external threat intelligence feeds, and other technologies in your environment, that enables your analysts to stay on top of the threats.

    Key Benefits of the Platform:

  • Gain Unparalleled Visibility

  • Securonix Next-Gen SIEM provides a flexible, open architecture that allows you to ingest and view all of your data, whether it is cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid, in a single dashboard.

  • Respond to Threats Faster

  • Respond faster with the ability to quickly hunt for threats on historical data without impacting performance. A tight integration with SOAR automates incident response workflows for faster mitigation.

  • Improve SOC Efficiency

  • Achieve fast time-to-value with threat content and premium applications for industry-specific use cases through automated threat sweeps.

Digiglass service features

Key Differentiators


1800+ Use Cases

Open Big Data Lake

7Day Hot, 3 Mon Searchable
Warm & Mon Archived data

UEBA Use Cases

Insider Threat

Cyber Threat

Fraud Detection

Cloud Security

Dashboards & Reports

Out-of-hte-Box customizable

Scheduled, Ad-Hoc and Custom

Available out-of-the-box Integration with the platform

Cloud Connectors

App Connectors

API Connectors

Service Delivery & Assurance life cycle

Benefits of having DigiGlass as Managed Security Services Partner