With ever increasing sophisticated and damaging cyber-attacks on the rise, how can your business stay one step ahead? The answer is DigiGlass Managed Firewall Services (mFW/UTM). From planning, designing to implementation and management, leave the worry to us.

Our comprehensive mFW solution encompassing firewalling, intrusion prevention systems, antivirus, web filtering, content filtering, site to site VPNs and remote access VPNs covers all bases to keep your network up and secure

  • Prevent unauthorized access to your networks

  • Get informed on potentially threatening attempts to your network

  • Protect your network against unwanted intrusions, backdoors, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, macros, remote logins, spam, and viruses

  • Benefit from proactive monitoring and management of your security infrastructure

Traditional Firewalls Aren’t Enough

A Firewall works by screening the internet traffic and filtering out the malicious activity, viruses and unauthorized connections from an organization’s network. However, much more than filtering is required to ensure and maintain the integrity of a network. Intrusion prevention, content filtering, URL filtering, anti-virus and anti-spam solutions are all essential. But investing, managing and monitoring these 24/7 is expensive and result in a network that’s both cumbersome and costly to maintain.

Introducing DigiGlass Managed Firewall

Incorporating the widest array of security platforms from multiple vendors as well as best-of-breed firewall/UTM appliances, mFW/UTM protects your mission-critical business assets from attacks coming from both the outside and within. It uses packet filtering, Internet Protocol security (IPsec), secure sockets layer (SSL) inspection, Internet Protocol (IP) mapping, network monitoring, and deep inspection with proactive monitoring and alert triaging. We minimize your exposure to external threats, detect and block intrusions and rapidly responds to incidents restoring affected systems, devices and constantly enforcing security policies. DigiGlass mFW being all-in-one solution allows our customers to significantly reduce costs, management overhead, downtime and the complexity of their networks without compromising security policy design, implementation or management of systems.

  • Performance based SLAs guarantee performance metrics across change management, proactive system monitoring, application/content/security updates, responsiveness, availability and protection.

  • Multi-vendor support allows your business to stay protected no matter how many firewall/UTM platforms are already in place across critical entry points into your network.

  • Comprehensive reporting enables increased visibility of network attacks, misuse and advanced warning security intelligence.

Key Features of Managed Firewall Services:

  • DigiGlass provides firewall planning, implementation and its associated 24x7 management.

  • Managed Firewall platform is constantly patched and updated on the new methods cyber criminals use to infiltrate networks. With this capability, mFW/UTM is a reflexive, automated threat-detection solution that keeps up with the latest dangers on the landscape.

  • Seamless changes to rules and policies as per infrastructure need.

  • Flexible log management and archiving functionality.

  • Optional Security event monitoring and alert system delivers proactive notification of threats so that these can be rapidly correlated and mitigated.

  • Comprehensive reporting on security events and device status provides real time updates.