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Privileged Access Management

Across industries the definition of perimeter is shifting from network to identity. Identity is in a spotlight to ensure not just external malicious actors but even internal stakeholders, knowingly or unknowingly, are not able to pose any major threats to critical systems. Role-based-access-control (RBAC) provides a great deal of control from an outside-in perspective but is usually not defined for internal privileged users like admins across the enterprise. Monitoring disgruntled internal actors that may pose threat to organization is one of the most important threat organizations need to protect from.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution is specifically designed to monitor internal stakeholder actions whether they are intended or unintended. Another major requirement addressed by PAM solutions is forensic audit of activities performed by authorized privileged users.

  • Password Management

    It is common for Users
    to hate complex
    password & remember
    them too

  • Stay Compliant

    Meet compliance
    requirements and stay
    compliant to global

  • Manage Access

    Managing access for
    Users with higher
    privilege is usually tricky

  • Log Management

    Recording and maintain
    logs for complaince

  • Monitor Privileged Access

    Monitoring privileged
    activities and preserving

  • Single Sign-On

    Providing Single Sign-O
    and Multifactor

DigiGlass offers PAM as a Service with focus on reducing customer efforts for managing internal privileged actor threats. Solution is based on Gartner Magic Quadrant leader platform. Some of the key features offered by the service are:

Solution onboarding benefits:

  • Define and deploy main policy rules

  • Manage and Protect all Privileged Accounts and SSH Keys

  • Support in controlling access to Privileged Accounts

  • Initiate and Monitor Privileged Sessions

  • Manage application and service credentials

  • Comply with audit and regulatory requirements

  • Fully streamlined management of Privileged Accounts

  • Integration with major enterprise systems

  • Customized deployment