Penetration Testing

Organizations take utmost efforts to develop applications, configure infrastructure and develop communication between different layers to provide minimal window of opportunity to external malicious actors. Looking at development from a developers view; the product or application would seem impeccable and fully fortified. It is when an external entity looks at it with a view to exploit, a completely different array of issues might present themselves.

As a standard practice, large organizations employ quality control along with internal cybersecurity experts to ensure basic checks in terms of security loopholes are addressed.

Once the application is in production state and a public IP is assigned to it, malicious actors will try their best to break in while legitimate users use it for intended purposes. Before committing an application to production, customers would be well advised to conduct a Penetration Test exercise with certified ethical hackers, wo can pose as a malicious actor and help the organization in discovering various vulnerabilities and loopholes and help with remediation measures. Various stages of penetration testing are depicted below: